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About Us

Our unique online store is dedicated to preserving the artistic legacy of Bradford “Brady” Orin Bookser II. Brady was our son and brother, and a gifted 18-year-old artist and musician. He was a first-semester Art student at California State University, Long Beach where, on December 11, 2022, he died from sudden cardiac arrest.


The medical examination showed no traces of drugs, alcohol, unusual exertion, or illness, leaving the official cause unspecified. His senseless death left us reeling, and looking for a way to use our talents, in combination with the large collection of creative works he created, to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Our collaboration serves as a heartfelt tribute to him and the huge catalog of art he left behind. To honor his profound talent and the unique artistic vision he'd developed at such a young age, we will be using proceeds from the sales of his art to establish grants dedicated to supporting other emerging artists and creatives. 

Brady on the stairs_edited.jpg

Brady's motto was "Take the Risk. Try Something New. Fail Until You Succeed."

We use this motto as our guide. You can find out more about Brady and what we're doing at Eve Orin at


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